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All of us being reluctant brushers, we are here to finally make brushing teeth fun.

PLAYBRUSH core team works closely with brilliant engineers and designers, as well as fascinating advisors, including renowned dentists, public health specialists, academics, entrepreneurs and investors.

Furthermore, we have been supported by many people during our Kickstarter game. To honor this support (and as we promised during our Kickstarter campaign) we created a virtual brushing wall. Have a look and check it out!

The story is pretty simple: We were inspired by a little boy – let’s call him Kiwi – who is a reluctant brusher. Like all kids, Kiwi is a curious adventurer, exploring the world and seeking new challenges. But Kiwi’s caring mother knows about the importance of dental health and therefore encourages him to brush his teeth twice a day – which is not an adventure at all. Why should he participate in this boring and annoying routine?

Although 20 years older, all of us are still reluctant brushers, experiencing painful and frightening dentist appointments once or twice a year. Despite some of us even having family backgrounds in dentistry, we are not brushing regularly, long enough and accurately.

Therefore we are building Playbrush for children – but also for ourselves!

Amongst others we were educated and gained experience at the following institutions


Pitch@Palace On Tour Finalist London 2016
Pioneers Vienna 2015 Competition Winner
Dad Rated Bronze Award Winners 2015
Winner of the Best
Technological Innovative Award
(Gamification World Awards 2015)
InspireMEdicine Conference 2015
Competition Winner
 eAward Winner 2016
UCL Bright Ideas Award Winner 2014
  TNW Europe Top 3 Startup


 London Hardware Launchpad 2016

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