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Are you helping kids to win their daily battle against tooth decay?

But you see each child only once or twice a year? Playbrush is now joining forces with you to sustainably improve oral health!


Playbrush engages your patients with daily toothbrushing: Children start to enjoy daily oral hygiene. As they improve their brushing skills, a positive atmosphere develops around dental health.


Playbrush increases patient loyalty: via our mobile games we encourage families to see the dentist for regular check-ups.


Playbrush makes care more personalised: Dentists can combine their data of bi-yearly check-ups with Playbrush brushing data over the year, to give more personalised feedback and help.


With Playbrush you are at the forefront of brushing innovation: Playbrush revolutionises daily oral hygiene for children and helps dentists to offer the most fun and interactive brushing motivation.


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