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Where do I get my Playbrush?

Currently you can order Playbrush via our Webshop and buy it in selected stores as well. If you would like to be informed about new stores, sign up for our Newsletter.

What is Playbrush?

Playbrush is a unique smart device that connects easily to any manual toothbrush, transforming it into a gaming controller. It’s primary objective is to encourage children & young-at-hearts to playfully brush their teeth. With Playbrush we motivate children to brush regularly, for longer and with greater accuracy.

Which mobile devices are compatible with Playbrush?

Playbrush works with iOS *, Android ** and Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

* Minimum requirement: iPhone 4S / iPad 3 and iOS 8
** Minimum requirement: Android 4.4 KitKat plus BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capability

How does Playbrush work?

It is a bit like magic: You simply place your normal manual toothbrush into the Playbrush gadget and immediately the toothbrush turns into a gaming controller. Now, you can start a Playbrush Game on a smartphone or tablet and the Playbrush device automatically connects. Henceforth, your children (and maybe even yourself) will be able to solve fun & instructional challenges whilst brushing their teeth. You will find further information in the Playbrush manual.

1. Put the toothbrush into Playbrush
2. Start the app on your phone
3. Start brushing as well as you can to score points
4. You are a star brusher

Which manual toothbrushes work with Playbrush?

Playbrush works with 95% of all manual toothbrush – just pay attention that the handle is not too thick and has no suction cups.

Does Playbrush work with an electronic toothbrush?

Playbrush does not support electronic toothbrushes, sorry!

Why is Playbrush special?

Playbrush is a highly interactive game (action & reaction), which measures speed, duration and position to be able to get good brushing feedback. The algorithm is designed in a way that kids brush all around their mouth using an unique reward scheme (medals) makes kids want to come back (regularity).

Why are you building Playbrush?

Firstly, we are not the greatest brushers ourselves, so we are building Playbrush for us as well! Originally, we were inspired by Paul’s godchild, who is like most other kids in that he is not particularly keen on daily toothbrushing. After weeks of research, hundreds of conversations and tests with children, parents, dentists and health experts, we felt certain that daily toothbrushing is broken. As nobody else is solving this problem effectively, we decided to step in and make brushing teeth finally fun.

Who is Playbrush for?

We are building Playbrush for children who are starting to brush their teeth independently. This is because we have seen the biggest problems with 3 to 10 year olds. While our games is designed for children up to 12 years old, we have received great feedback from teenagers, students, young professionals, parents and even grandparents, who all enjoy brushing with Playbrush.

How do you build what children love?

Our aim is to transform toothbrushing into an activity children love. Therefore we are developing Playbrush together with them. To guarantee a totally new oral hygiene experience, we have been testing and interviewing children from day one, and channeling their input into our product development.

How do you build what parents love?

Bad toothbrushing not only leads to annoying arguments and discussions with your children, but also to frightening and painful dentist appointments and increased treatment costs. From early on, we have been developing Playbrush closely with parents as we see ourselves as little helpers in their daily routine. We are not only offering indirect incentives for parents, but we are also giving them an easy tool to monitor their children’s toothbrushing via our brushing stats and dashboard.

How do you build what dentists love?

We have been working with great dentists from day one to include the most important aspects of daily toothbrushing within Playbrush. We see ourselves as a complement to regular dentist visits. While dentists give you an expert opinion and deal with your teeth when something is wrong, Playbrush focuses on prevention, improving regular oral hygiene.

Why don’t you teach a certain brushing technique?

Different experts recommend different techniques, which often depends on the geographic region and the age group. From our experience, we don’t see the technique as the main problem in today’s toothbrushing. According to our tests, many children do not brush regularly, for long enough or accurately. That’s why we focus on these 3 attributes: Brushing x2 a day for at least 2 minutes everywhere in the mouth. We strongly encourage families to talk with their dentist about the right brushing technique – all of them work fine with Playbrush and our games.

Why do you use games?

We strongly believe in positive motivation and education created by games. While children often link negative thoughts to toothbrushing and dental visits, we want to build a positive atmosphere around dental health. Consequently, we use mobile games controlled via toothbrushing to encourage children and improve daily oral hygiene. Check out our game page for more details.

Do I have to buy a Playbrush for each of my children?

No, Playbrush is designed to be shared. Playbrush attached to different manual toothbrushes and tooth brushing apps allows players to create multiple profiles. 
As we were all born into families with multiple children, we know that it is often not possible to buy one device each.

What about the extra screen time?

We strongly believe in using technology for good, like using mobile applications for educational purposes, which we combine with gaming. Often it is possible to shorten screen time somewhere else, to use the limited time for relevant and positive applications. In our opinion, properly caring for teeth and toothbrushing outperforms the 4 min extra screen time per day significantly.

Is my smartphone/tablet safe?

During testing with hundreds of children we experienced no smartphone handling problems at all. Still, a mobile device is often at risk when being used. Therefore, we offer the Playbrush Smartphone Holder – a case for using mobile devices in the bathroom. This keeps your smartphone or tablet safe and stable while playbrushing.

Please click here to watch our tutorial how to use Playbrush!

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