How was the Playbrush concept born?

“My godson ‘Kiwi’ absolutely hated brushing his teeth. His mother tried to encourage him with brushing Youtube videos, but as we expected, he would get distracted and simply forget to move his toothbrush around his mouth. And we thought, how can we encourage Kiwi to move his toothbrush? And that’s where the idea of connecting toothbrushes with mobile games came about – combining fun and dental health. After positive feedback, Matthäus, Tolulope and I decided to develop Playbrush together with children and dentists”.

Paul Varga, CEO and co-Founder

What is your goal?

Our goal is to develop interactive gameplay, coupled with accurate brushing statistics, to help parents teach their children the importance of dental hygiene in a playful way and to build a healthy dental routine for life.”

Matthäus Ittner, COO and co-Founder

Team Playbrush

Here is a quick insight into Team Playbrush! Our friendly, international and hardworking team are building the toothbrush game controller that with transform children’s oral hygiene world wide!

The Team

Team Events

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