Battle against Cavities

You might have heard people saying: “Well, don’t you worry too much about these milk teeth, there will be new ones anyway.” But it is this thoughtlessness that can lead to a painful awakening for our little ones as they grow up. I am going to show you, how you as a parent can ensure a good oral hygiene together with and for your child and what mistakes you can avoid.

1 Regular cleaning of the first teeth is essential and the basis for and of healthful teeth

2 Teamwork help your child to clean the teeth properly, as he or she will not be able to understand and apply correct cleaning skills at a very young age

3 Responsibility vs Genes It is wrong to believe that your teeth’s condition is predetermined by your parents or grandparents. Instead, it is important to teach your kids individual responsibility and the habit of taking care of their health.

4 The more the better? No, Health Associations and dentists largely agree on the following schedule: twice a day for two minutes. What is essential is the cleaning of all surfaces and the interdentals, even if that might take slightly longer.

5 Tooth paste It is not so much about colour or taste but about the content: make sure it has got the right amount of fluoride, an important mineral that protects gum and teeth.

6 Dentist visit only when in pain? Be on the safe side and go see your dentist with your child to prevent any disease or pain to occur & to answer questions.

7 Beverages like fruit juices from the baby bottle If the beverage contains sugar (which includes fruit juices), teeth are constantly exposed to the sugar and will be harmed. Make sure to serve fruit juices only in small amounts and with a meal and to fill the baby bottle with water only.

8 More firm more clean? The brush itself, as well as the pressure from the hand should rather be soft and careful than hard. Otherwise it will affect the gum.

9 Immediate brushing after meals? Wait for about 20 minutes before you brush your child’s teeth in order to protect the enamel.

10 Always brush from red to white? Not necessarily. It is better to place the brush onto the teeth at a slightly inclined angle and to then clean them in circular movements.

With the help of these few tips and a healthy diet, you are making sure to guide your child’s teeth to a strong and sound future.