To our loyal Playbrush community,

We launched Playbrush 2 ½ years ago. Since then, we have learnt a lot – both from the countless children who use our smart toothbrush attachment daily, as well as from their parents. We have used this feedback as the backbone for our product development, and the culmination of this is that we are launching the all new Playbrush Smart Sonic.

The Playbrush Smart Sonic, a fully integrated electric toothbrush with extra soft bristles and 17000 strokes per minute, will be delivered to customers from early September. However, starting today, we are offering just 3,000 pieces for pre-order at a discounted price of £19.99 instead of £29.99.

Why a Playbrush sonic toothbrush?

We have undertaken testing sessions and feedback sessions with children aged 3-12 years old and their parents, and we have found 2 main things. Firstly, children 7+ years old prefer to use electric toothbrushes and therefore their brushing motivation is higher than when using a manual toothbrush. Secondly, quite a number of parents expressed a wish that Playbrush would be available in electric form as electric toothbrushes often improve children’s brushing techniques.

Design & Production

We have been working on the concept of Playbrush Smart Sonic for well over a year now, and decided the best way would be to work together with a current high quality electric toothbrush manufacturer, and simply combine it with our Playbrush technology. We have further adapted our software technology and game algorithm so the Playbrush Smart Sonic will recognise Playbrushes brushing movements with even greater accuracy.

New game world and detailed brushing statistics

The main requirement of Playbrush Smart Sonic was to replicate how successful the Playbrush Smart has been in encouraging children to brush. But we also wanted to release fresh and innovative Software with our Smart Sonic, that Playbrush Smart users can also take advantage of. This is why we are bringing you the brand new Playbrush App. It not only contains 5 brand new brushing mini-games within one app, but also the all new Brushing Coach – designed to teach children the correct brushing techniques. And that’s not it! We have designed and recorded new brushing statistics to give parents and children the chance to transform their brushing forever.

High quality sonic toothbrush

The Playbrush Smart Sonic is a high-quality sonic toothbrush with 17,000 sonic panning movements per minute and comes with 2 cleaning modes. In addition to Playbrush Smart’s measurements of accuracy, duration and regularity, Playbrush Smart Sonic will measure the pressure of brushing. This was taken as a key point from our customer feedback and ensures that Playbrush Smart Sonic is really suitable for children, young and old.

Who is Playbrush Sonic Toothbrush developed for?

Playbrush Smart Sonic is for children aged 7-14 years old, older children who need extra motivation to brush for the full 2 minutes and all around their mouths.

Timing and action

The official product launch is in early September. The first 3000 Smart Sonic’s are available from today, for a one-off price of £19.99 instead of the RRP £29.99. This is meant as a thank you to our current customers for their patience whilst we developed the Playbrush Smart Sonic. These pre-orders will be delivered in early September.

Paul Varga
Co- Founder & CEO


PS: Looking back on the last few years, the combination of the Playbrush Smart Sonic and our new Playbrush App is probably the coolest thing we’ve ever done – and I’m really proud of that. Well done Team Playbrush!