Kids to brush their teeth correctly and regularly from infancy is important
not only for dental health but for the habit building of children. As this task
isn’t always easy, we collected valuable tips for our parents on how to improve
the brushing habit of your kids. Find the first 5 below.



Let your child
buy the toothbrush

Let’s try
something new: the next time you go into the store, take your kids with you and
let them choose their brushes. Your children will be proud that they bought their
“own” toothbrushes and will start brushing voluntarily.

Brush each other’s teeth:

when kids are still small, it is a great opportunity to convince them that
brushing teeth is fun. Try to let your child brush your teeth first and in
return, you are allowed to brush his/her teeth. If you have two children, let
them brush each other’s teeth. At some point in time, each party is brushing
their teeth by themselves and the child gets used to brushing.

Tooth monsters

Sometimes a
small but gloomy story will help, if your kids stringently refuse to brush their
teeth. The story should be about a tooth monster, which appears only if the
teeth are not brushed correctly and destroys the teeth. Consequently, kids get
a little bit afraid of the tooth monster and will brush regularly.

Use glove puppets

With glove
puppets you can easily entertain kids and you can use it to brush the child’s
teeth – children will like it because they doesn`t have to do it by themselves and
will you not be the one annoying your child with this procedure.

Brush with a timer

A sand
glass or a toothbrush clock making funny noises could motivate your child to
brush his/her teeth as well. The trickling sand or the funny noises should be
enough to distract children from the actual brushing. Thus, the times of
boredom or brushing the teeth not long enough will be over. Also, this teaches
your child to brush long enough every time.

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