The sun shines from the cloudless sky, the beach or even the playground at home calls – nothing like pure summer pleasure! But beware: Despite all the fun outdoors, don’t forget the comprehensive sun protection for your offspring. As temperatures rise, the risk of sunburn, sunstroke or dehydration increases significantly. Children and especially infants are much more sensitive than adults. Do you want your family to enjoy the beautiful days to the fullest and in the best of health? Then take the following 5 tips to heart.

Tip 1: Always protect your baby from the blazing sun during the first year of life.

During the first 12 months, babies should not get any direct sunlight at all. Therefore, always look for a suitable place in the shade and bring your baby to a cool room, especially in the midday hours. In this way, you can also do without sunscreen that strains your baby’s skin.

Tip 2: Always make sure you have enough breaks in the shade.

Your offspring have already left their first year of life behind them? Even with older children, sufficient breaks in the shade are mandatory. Since the offspring quickly overhears the body’s heat warning signals during the exuberant game, your intervention is necessary. Make sure that your children take enough breaks in the shade during the day and drink enough. This tip is particularly important at lunchtime. A siesta in the early afternoon helps the whole family to keep a cool head.

Tip 3: Be sure to wear clothing suitable for the sun.

Sunproof clothing that completely shields your children’s skin from the radiation protects them better than any sunscreen. For this reason, your little ones should always wear headgear with umbrella and neck protection outdoors. It protects the particularly sensitive skin on the face, neck and ears. In addition, your children are well prepared for the summer day with wide, airy but long-sleeved clothing. The more skin you cover, the less exposed the sun will be!
Important: Not all garments reliably keep out the sun’s rays. In case of doubt, you should pay attention to appropriate seals.

Tip 4: Use sun cream correctly.

All skin areas that are not covered by clothing must also be creamed in shady places. For offspring, you should use special sunscreens with a sun protection factor of at least 20 and apply the cream generously. If the cream layer is too thin, it cannot develop its full effectiveness.
To ensure optimum sun protection with the cream, you must also observe these rules:
– Always apply the cream to your child half an hour before your stay outdoors.
– Apply new cream regularly if you are outdoors for long periods. Otherwise, sweating and abrasion will lose the protective effect. This rule applies, especially after bathing.
– Keep an eye on your time. Sun protection cannot be maintained for as long as you like even after applying the cream. Therefore, always limit the time your children spend in the sun.

Tip 5: Also think of eye protection.

Strong UV radiation is not only unpleasant but can also lead to inflammation of the cornea or conjunctiva. In addition to headgear, your children should definitely wear sunglasses, especially in mountain areas with strong reflective light.