Apple Crobies

Almonds and Apples are very healthy for growing children, but are very boring and uninspiring. This cool recipe turns healthy snacks into a delicious and fun activity. It’s time to make Apple Crobies!


x20 Almond slices
x1 lengthwise quartered Apple
x8 Blueberries


How to make

Step 1: Find an Adult to supervise you.
Step 2: Carefully cut a V shape into each quartered Apple.
Step 3: Cut your almond slices into different lengths to get the teeth.
Step 4: Push these slices into the V shape mouth section.
Step 5: Take 2 small almond slices use honey to stick them to the top of the apple (the eye lids).
Step 6: Then use honey to stick the blueberries onto the almond eye lids.

And now you have your 4 Apple Crobies. Healthy, tasty and fun! 🙂