Almonds and Apples are very healthy for growing children, but are very boring and uninspiring. This cool recipe turns healthy snacks into a delicious and fun activity. It’s time to make Apple Crobies!

Find out which foods are good for your teeth

x20 Almond slices
x1 lengthwise quartered Apple
x8 Blueberries

How to make:
Step 1: Find an Adult to supervise you.
Step 2: Carefully cut a V shape into each quartered Apple.
Step 3: Cut your almond slices into different lengths to get the teeth.
Step 4: Push these slices into the V shape mouth section.
Step 5: Take 2 small almond slices use honey to stick them to the top of the apple (the eye lids).
Step 6: Then use honey to stick the blueberries onto the almond eye lids.

And now you have your 4 Apple Crobies. Healthy, tasty and fun!