We believe in a world where smart dental care makes families smile. But we also know that there are regions of the world where this vision is still far away.

That’s why, when Playbrush was founded in 2015, we provided the Buhoma Community School in Uganda with dental care products as a thank you for a successful crowd-funding campaign.

We would like to continue our contribution to ensure that at least the basic supply of dental care articles are secured in the poorest countries of the world. With Dentaid we have found a partner who shares our vision. Volunteers from around the world deliver free dental care education and vital oral health supplies to thousands of children worldwide-a project we now want to support with our” Brush4Good” campaign.

For one week ( 1/7 – 7/7/19 ) Playbrush will donate one manual toothbrush for every brushing session. With tens of thousands of active Playbrush users, we can make a substantial contribution to Dentaid’s projects. (In Cambodia alone, 8000 toothbrushes are needed per year)

A portion of the donations will also go back to the Buhoma Community School in Uganda.

Now we ask you & your children to brush twice a day with Playbrush between 1.7 to 7.7 and we will donate one toothbrush per brushing session (this results in a total of 14 toothbrushes per user during the campaign period). To share our vision and help us spread the word to other Playbrush users, use our campaign hashtag #brush4good on Facebook and social media!

You brush. We care. Others smile!

Thank you very much,

Team Playbrush

Press Release for Download.

The Outcome: 40,793 Toothbrushes to be donated
As a team we are very proud of the Brush4Good campaign and the 10,000 toothbrushes we cleaned in just 24 hours. Thanks to all Playbrusher who brush so diligently, not only doing their own teeth good, but also helping children who don’t have it that easy. In one day we exceeded the number of toothbrushes our partner Dentaid needs every year in Cambodia and hopefully made at least a small contribution.

In total we were able to record 40,793 brushing units and therefore we will donate 40,793 toothbrushes to Dentaid.

We are incredibly grateful to Playbrush and everyone who took part in this campaign. The 40,793 toothbrushes you have donated to Dentaid will be used for our toothbrushing programmes in some of the poorest and most remote communities in the world. We live in a world where 70 per cent of the population doesn’t have access to dental care and millions of children don’t own a toothbrush. Dentaid works tirelessly to increase access to safe, sustainable dental treatment while increasing awareness about oral health. These brushes will bring enormous benefit to our projects and we want to say a big thank you.

Toothbrushes to be donated