Being a parent isn’t always easy. (As every parent knows. Duh!) Especially when it comes to daily routines that can become annoying at times – brushing teeth is definitely one of them!

We’ve tried several tricks to encourage our cute little monkey to clean his teeth: giving him the choice of two toothbrushes, getting the first blinking Spongebob toothbrush, making up a toothbrush song or watching Elmo from Sesame Street singing along with Bruno Mars a motivational song of how amazing brushing your teeth is.

The task isn’t only to get him to brush his teeth, but to do it long enough and properly, which means all the areas in his mouth. Obviously he wants to do it on his own, so no bushy brush from me allowed… of course. Sometimes this can become quite frustrating and could possibly even end in tears or him throwing a fit.

Of course all of us know how important oral hygiene is, but try to explain this to an adventurous child!

We have all sorts of apps on our iPad that we use for long journeys on the train or car or when we go to the doctor… we play games, watch youtube videos or movies sometimes – but we have not found the right app or tool to make brushing teeth more than a boring daily routine, but make it fun. That’s actually how the idea of Playbrush came to life! We love the concept and can’t wait to test the first version to make brushing teeth a fun challenge!

Maite Kalita is an artist and young mother, whose son inspired us to start Playbrush!