Engaging kids and collecting feedback about brushing habits, games and ideas is one of the most fun bits of Playbrush’s journey.

Last Wednesday we were invited to the prestigious Viennese Theresianum and its new Volksschule to host a Brushing and Technology Workshop with the Year 1 students.



Playbrush was joined by Peter Reichenbach from the University Clinic of Dentistry who enthusiastically talked about brushing and oral hygiene. As a former student of Theresianum himself, he used the home-court advantage to explain the importance of dental health in a kids-friendly manner earning fantastic engagement from the pupils.



After talking about the importance of oral health and diligent brushing as well as introducing invention, entrepreneurship and technology we tested Playbrush with some of the kids and learned about brushing habits, how to improve the games and build new ideas.



We were pretty impressed by the great knowledge and the enthusiasm of the kids, the commitment and teaching skills of Ms Karlberger and Ms Erdödy and the innovative character of such an old and established institution.

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