From the 5th to the 8th of January, Matthäus and Paul went to CES in Las Vegas as exhibitors.

CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. Concerning this exciting event and time in Las Vegas, we had some questions for Paul.

You can read here what he tells us about CES:


Why did you decide to go to CES and what were your expectations as an exhibitor?

Paul: Playbrush is the best product for CES. CES is the biggest Consumer Electronics Fair on the world. You get to know many people, you see and meet new products and trends and you discover what there is in other countries and new developments in this area. You get very good feedback from potential partners, distributors and retailers. Since the fair takes place in America, there is a big focus on the US market, but you also find the biggest consumer electronics sellers from Euorpe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and Africa.

It’s really cool because people there look for innovations and new product categories and therefore we were the right product category with Playbrush. The CES was highly recommended to us especially by Michael (CEO) of Tractive, and also Lucanus from Speedinvest came with us to support us with selling.


Were your expectations satisfied or beaten?

Paul: Definitely beaten. The feedback was really good. Even if we were „just a little fish in a big pond“, we made many new contacts and we began many conversations about selling Playbrush in other markets too. This motivates us a lot, especially in developing and improving ourselves constantly.


How was the atmosphere at the Show and how were the reactions to Playbrush?

Paul: Generally the Show was really really big and it’s not possible to see all the other things, because every 5 minutes you start a new conversation with someone and we were „stuck“ in our hall – on the other hand this is very positive because we were really happy to have such positive feedback and great interest towards our product Playbrush. The visitors were all happily trying Playbrush out and they asked a lot about the product. Afterwards we were bombarded with emails. The distributors for example liked that Playbrush fits on to manual children toothbrushes and that children can share one Playbrush device, which justifies the affordable price.


What did you learn at the fair? What was the feedback you got about Playbrush and how does CES influence your development within Playbrush?

Paul: There was a little bit of feedback about Playbruh in general but most of the feedback was about the packaging and the manual (they asked for more languages). People also asked about more games in the future, which is good because we are already developing them.

More key learnings were about sales and how to develop new markets – we learnt a lot and we are already looking forward to all the new possibilities that are coming towards us.


Thanks a lot for all of your detailed answers and good luck with in the future!

Paul: Thank you!


CES foto