While brushing techniques and standards differ quite a bit, there are some general tips and tricks that can be applied easily. Here you find three I consider as important:

Brush systematically

Select one part you want to start with and go around your mouth in a circle once. Pay attention to cleaning every teeth and surface thoroughly. Try to keep your personal system consistent every time you brush. So you don’t forget which teeth you have brushed already and you are making sure to clean all your mouth.

Neither stroking, nor too hard

The plague on your teeth is persistent and has to be removed completely. While stroking softly over your teeth won’t bring the expected success, brushing too hard can hurt your gum, so be careful. Finding the right balance of pressure will lead you to the best brushing results.


Brushing teeth requires accuracy and diligence. Don’t get disturbed by doing something completely different or by trying to accomplish another task while brushing. Clean teeth require your full concentration. Without concentrating properly you will never beat the Playbrush High Score!;)

Peter Reichenbach, Cand. Med., is currently working at University Clinic of Dentistry, Vienna.