The good and the bad of bacteria in our mouth

Did you know that the earth is inhabited by about 7 billion humans? Presumably yes! But did you also know that your mouth alone is home to around 100 billion microbes?

The habitat for this huge amount of bacteria holds the best conditions for them to settle and reproduce: it is warm, wet and therefore the perfect place for microbes to live at. Does that sound alarming to you? It doesn’t have to. Don’t panic: not all of these bacteria are harmful ones. For most of them it is quite the opposite. They are essential for digestion and nutrient uptake.

Make yourselves at home!

The reason why there is such a large amount of different microbes living in our mouths is the variety of surfaces that can be found within it. There are some bacteria that feel comfortable on and around your teeth and settle on the gum, others like it under the tongue or on the back of your lips, and so on. We can see, there is a lot of potential for all of these bacteria to evolve and spread. That goes for the good ones just as it does for the bad ones. And that is why the oral hygiene needs to be taken extra care of, ensuring to keep the amount of the “good” and the “bad” bacteria stable.

All clear up here

As long as the oral hygiene is taken care of and no dental diseases occur, there are no concerns about the bacteria living inside your mouth. But be careful as soon as there is a trouble. With an infection of the gum, for example, the harmful bacteria can enter the bloodstream and infect any organ of the body. The saying “Healthy teeth, healthy human” hits the nail on the head in this case even more. It is important to understand and acknowledge the connection of dental diseases and its source of all sorts of other illnesses that can be linked to your oral health.

You are what you eat

In order to keep the relation between good and bad bacteria stable, there are some simple hacks that can help you stay in control. Your diet for instance, should not contain too many sugary or acidic products. Even sugar-free fizzy drinks are still bad for the teeth because of their high amount of acid in them. When it comes to dental care it is important not to do it too excessively, meaning to brush your teeth twice a day (not more often!) and a moderate use of mouth wash in small amounts.