IFA- First Impressions Smart Sonic Launch

Last week we launched the Playbrush Smart Sonic, our new interactive sonic toothbrush at IFA. As said before https://www.playbrush.com/en/blog/22474-2/ , this is a result of feedback from our customers and a huge step for Playbrush as an organisation.

Within the first week after launch, we already received strong, positive and actionable feedback. There are three main points we want to share here:

First and most importantly, we are aware of the many pre-orders and are shipping unit by unit to all our excited customers as quickly as possible. We running production super fast now – all in Switzerland – and will deliver the many pre-orders and new orders within the next few weeks. From October onwards we expect to deliver immediately (within a few days) as our customers are used to from the Playbrush Smart.

Second, we are very grateful for all the excitement – especially from customers, but also from press and partners. While we – of course – like the feedback about the low price point for a smart toothbrush and the hardware itself, we are even more encouraged by all the new potential users that were waiting for an electric toothbrush with our software and games for quite a while. This will open the world of playbrushing to even more children and foster healthy brushing habits.

Third, while we are very pleased with the first version of the Smart Sonic and the apps, we are already working on updates and new games, to expand our library from currently 11 games to soon 13. The two new games will explicitly focus on the age group 6+ and will be accessible via the Playbrush App in a few month.

Thanks for all the support