Over the next weeks we will explain, how we help children with their daily oral hygiene.

In the last days it has been all over the news: tooth decay in children is still a massive problem in the UK (and probably in most other countries). It is even the single most reason children between 5 and 9 have to go to hospital. While most reports were focusing on too much sugar and bad toothbrushing as the two main problems, we did not read a lot about potential solutions.

With Playbrush we are tackling the bad toothbrushing by building a game around daily oral hygiene. We are leveraging technology and screen time for good – transforming toothbrushes into gaming controllers, so children can play instructional mobile games interactively while brushing.



But how does that exactly help children with their brushing routine?

After hundreds of interviews and tests we experienced that many children currently lack the motivation of brushing properly and hardy any child gets continuos feedback on their brushing. In addition, dental health is currently surrounded by a negative atmosphere of annoying discussions between parents and children, painful and frightening dentists appointments and expensive treatment costs.

With Playbrush we are striving to solve exactly these problems by gamifying the brushing routine. By letting children solve fun brushing challenges, we strive to foster intrinsic motivation and make them brush voluntarily. We also use different ways to provide direct brushing feedback, both via capturing the brushing behavior and via measuring in-game performance.

Most importantly we aim to build a positive atmosphere around toothbrushing, connecting children, parents and dentists. The best way to improve oral hygiene is definitely via education and prevention – building on that we might have positive news about children’s teeth soon.