Interview with Dr.Thompson : Playbrush Smart vs Smart Sonic – which toothbrush wins?

What is the best way to keep children’s teeth clean? We’ve asked that question to dentist Dr Edward Thompson.

Playbrush: Which toothbrush is better for children? Electric or manual?

Thompson: Parents ask this question a lot and I always try to explain to them that what matters more than the toothbrush itself are the cleaning habits: your child should brush his or her teeth correctly and regularly, meaning that they should take enough time to clean all parts of the teeth whether it is with an electric or a manual one. But with the right technique you can have as clean and healthy teeth with a manual as you could have with a sonic brush.

Playbrush: And which one is easier to use for a child?

Thompson: Usually the electric one as it rotates by itself and brushes intensively, even when the child doesn’t move the brush a lot with its own hand. Children sometimes have difficulties to reach into the inner surface in the corners for example. The electric brush constantly works with the same power in every corner.

Playbrush: Which brushes do parents choose most?

Thompson: It really is different from family to family. Obviously, the manual toothbrush doesn’t cost a lot of money and is perfectly fine for the dental hygiene of kids and adults when used correctly. But often, sonic toothbrushes seem to please children more and their motivation to brush is higher. A reason why many parents choose them. What’s a really good tool for children is the timer that some sonic toothbrushes include now, either the toothbrush itself or it’s in the educational applications that some brands, like yours for instance, offer.

Playbrush: Finally, what advice can you give on the bristle? Be it manual or electric.

Thompson: That is an important question. Especially when the bristle is for your child: Always make sure it is a soft bristle. But it also goes for adults. If you brush your teeth too aggressively they will eventually become more sensitive so it’s best to avoid hard bristles completely. Furthermore, always make sure to replace the bristle of both a sonic and of a manual toothbrush after 3 months, or, for manuals, as soon as you see deformation in the bristle structure. Always rinse the bristle after using it keep it dry and upright to avoid germ spread and bacteria.

Playbrush: Thank you Mr Thompson for your advice and your time.

Thompson: Thank you!