parents_appToothbrushing is an activity for the whole family. At Playbrush, we are committed to not replacing parents, but providing a great dental assistant. This is why we are bringing you a brand new app called ‘Playbrush Family’!

With Playbrush Family you can:

See your children’s monthly, weekly and daily toothbrushing. Which days did they not brush their teeth?  Do they brush longer in the morning or evening? Are they missing certain areas?

Follow the brushing progress across all available games.

No matter which game your children are playing or if they switch between games, we will show their toothbrushing over time. Playbrush Family will provide useful feedback to parents, so that they can guide the quality and brushing progress of their children and take action to improve their dental health.

Explore our newest Playbrush application by pressing on the blue button (see above) in the main menu of one of our games*! Below also a video that will show you how to add your child’s profile to Playbrush Family.SETUPEN

Playbrush, happy & healthy families

P.S. Please don’t forget to tell us how you like it:

* Can’t see the button within the games? Make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent version! Also, children need to have brushed at least once with the respective version, for the button to appear. If you ever have any more questions please contact [email protected].