As you read last week, the medieval kingdom of Utoothia is divided into 12 separate countries. To help the Tooth Fairy win back her power, you will need to travel these countries, overcome the evil Crobies and find the magical teeth to reassemble the crowns. Here’s a quick overview about the first six regions you will travel:


  • Vulco is a volcanic country filled with fire and eruptions. The inhabitants sometimes call it Stella, after a mighty dog that once helped them to hold back Plaksta and the Crobies.
  • Duna, a dry desert country with vast craters of burning sand and an occasional oasis where people live.
  • Talus, a hilled country, covered with beautiful green wild grass and purple thistles.
  • Alga, a swamp, which is an eerie place covered with dark marshes and quick sand.
  • Forestis, a country covered in huge oak tree forests where people live in tree houses.
  • Meseta, a country filled with planes of colourful crops and barley.


Plaksta and his army of Crobies have been really active in these regions of Utoothia, and they are close to finding the magical teeth. Hurry! Without you, Utoothia will soon be ruled by the dark side.

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