The first day in the nursery is a particularly emotional day for both the little ones and their parents. The new and completely strange environment, many unknown children and the new faces of the educators, first of all, frighten many children. All the euphoria and anticipation of attending kindergarten quickly evaporates and the little ones become insecure. It is often visibly difficult for them to say goodbye to mum and dad and to focus on the situation.
The first few days in the nursery, in particular, are often associated with many rolling tears.

We have put together some valuable tips below so that the children can get used to their new surroundings without great complications and, above all, without fears and so that they can quickly feel safe and comfortable.

Parent’s basic attitude

Children orient themselves as well known very strongly at their parents. If the children feel that it is difficult for the parents to say goodbye to their children and leave them alone in the kindergarten, this has an enormous effect on the behaviour of the children. They become insecure, anxious or even refuse to visit the daycare centre. It is therefore important to set a good example and to encourage and support the children in their stay at the daycare centre. As parents, you should therefore not burst into tears in front of your child, but show yourself cheerful and open-minded.

Little insight before the first day

Before the first real kindergarten day it is advisable to undertake a so-called “trial day” with the child on which it can get to know the premises of the kindergarten and the trouble there already once in the presence of the parents. The educators also usually like to take time for future growth and can thus gain a bit of trust from the children. A taster day is all in all a good way of gaining some familiarity on the first real day.

Security and encouragement

Before attending kindergarten, children should be in good health and informed about upcoming events. It makes sense to tell the children in a playful way what awaits them in the day care centre and to put them in a, particularly positive light. You should also always bring your children to the daycare centre yourself during the acclimatisation period and pick them up again there. The parents are the most important and closest caregivers for the child and in this way ensure safety and well-being. This can reduce anxiety and worry. It can also be helpful for the little ones to be able to take a popular toy with them to the day care centre every day. This strengthens and encourages children.

Extend daily attendance times slowly

It is not necessary for your child to spend the entire day alone in the nursery on the first day. Instead, it can be a real relief for the child to gradually expand the daily visits to the daycare centre. In the beginning, a few hours are enough for the child to get used to the new situation and to adjust to it at its own pace. Over time, the stays are extended bit by bit until the full number of hours is reached. You can also accompany your child for a while during the first day or look in again and again so that the child understands that you are always coming back to him. It is important, however, that you say goodbye to your child before leaving the nursery so that it does not panic if you are suddenly no longer to be found.