IFA Berlin 2018- The Official Launch of Our Smart Sonic at the Electronic Trade Fair

A big stage for Smart Sonic

Since 1960, the Internationale Funkmesse IFA, takes place in the German capital Berlin and is a stage for almost 2.000 different exhibitors. With this year’s motto “Smart Home” it is worldwide the most important exhibition of its kind. And that’s why it is a great honour for us from Playbrush to proudly present our latest toothbrush Smart Sonic to a large public on the 31st of August. A promising sonic toothbrush for children, which has already attracted a lot of attention and excitement among customers.

What’s new about it?

An electric toothbrush? That’s it? Not exactly. Smart Sonic has some extra features that will leave you amazed: individual feedback on your child’s cleaning technique or exact statistics of how often and how accurate your children brush their teeth are just some of the features. But let me start from the beginning and we’ll discover Smart Sonic together, a device that will change toothbrushing profoundly.

Our motto: “play ‘n brush”

When your children start taking care of their teeth by themselves it is almost impossible for you as a parent to see exactly what and how they brush. How do you know which parts of the teeth your daughter or your son is leaving out? Smart Sonic knows! It measures exactly how long and how thoroughly the teeth are being cleaned and guides your child through the Playbrush games in a way that he or she will only collect enough scores and medals when cleaning properly in every part of the mouth. All these results are traceable for you in the Playbrush app.

With its ultra soft bristle, designed especially for children, Smart Sonic can reach even into the troublesome interdentals that are very hard to reach with a manual brush. The brush works at a pace of 17.000 swings per minute, enabling it to clean better than any manual brush could. And if you have more than one child, it is enough to buy just one Smart Sonic and use a variety of different bristles for everyone in the family. That makes it very convenient and saves you money, too!