A few days ago my son came back from School. He took off his jacket and shoes, put on his slippers, and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. He then slowly trudged into the kitchen where I was doing the dishes. “How was School”, I asked him as he sat at the table. No reply. I ask again but still to no response. So I put the wet bowl away and sit down next to him. “Johannes, is everything alright?”. But he just grinned at me with his mouth closed. He handed me a piece of paper from School,

Dear Parents,

today a paediatric dentist visited us at school. It was great fun and we all enjoyed it! To teach the children about good toothbrushing techniques, the dentist used food colouring for their teeth. It’s possible that your child may still have something on his/her teeth but it should have washed away when they brush their teeth in class.

Best wishes!

The Kindergarden-Team

I looked at my son. He was still grinning with his mouth closed. “Johannes, did you colour your teeth?”. He nodded. “And did you brush your teeth correctly?” His grin grew bigger and bigger as he shrugged his shoulders. “Can you open your mouth Johannes”? I prayed for him to show me pearly white teeth, but my prayers were in vain. They were all black. After quizzing Johannes, I realised that my son and his friend Max had found the food colouring and decided to dye their mouths. They were successful! “I want to show Antonia”, he laughed as he ran upstairs. Seconds later I heard a squeak and big laugher from the children’s bedroom and both ran towards me. “Mami, Antonia wants it too!”. “You know who would also love to see your black teeth? Your Daddy”, I told him and his eyes filled with excitement.


I’ve done so much in the last month regarding oral hygiene, now its my beloved husband’s turn and I will clean the living room instead!

Read more about my toothbrushing experiences in “Sophie’s Blog” next week!