“That´s stupid!”, my father said as I told him about Playbrush. My parents and I were sitting together to plan the Christmas holidays. This took us onto the topic of presents that we were going to give. “My grand-child is not too stupid to brush his teeth!” He’s right in a way. Johannes is not too stupid. He is just not willing to. And he is stuborn.

“Daddy I am just happy he is brushing his teeth anyway!”, I told my father. But even lengthy explanations of Playbrush and it’s advantages is not good enough for him. “I have brushed my teeth my whole life normally and you know what? I lost my last baby-tooth at the age of 53!”, he told me proudly. I will still buy a Playbrush anyways for my children. Johannes was so excited about this method and it would be stupid to stop it. And as you already know, my husband is also a fan of Playbrush!

Christmas Background header Copy 2

Playbrush is super easy to handle and it´s fun! Ok, at the beginning I had my diffficulties to move my knight in the right direction and my pride has taken a hit as everybody in the family is better than me. But when my family is happy, I am happy too! I can recommend it to everybody who is struggling with oral hygiene. Playbrush has helped my family a lot!

I wish you all a Happy Christmas! I wish you peace and I hope you get to spend the festive period with your loved ones! And for the new year, I wish you strength for all your future challenges!