Ok, something is wrong with Playbrush. The device works perfectly and is a lot of fun, but only when my children are using it. When I attempt to brush with Playbrush, something isn’t working. “Mami you’re rubbish”, my son screams as I fight the Crobies coming from every direction. Only one thing can help me now. The guys from Playbrush have to come!

After a short call, they agreed to come the next day. Six people were now standing in our small bathroom in front of the iPad and were brushing their teeth to beat one another. Everyone was having fun and getting high scores, but now It was my turn. My female small knight in the middle of the screen shoots her Laser. But it never manages to hit anything. “It’s a game for children, why can’t I manage it?!”, I thought to myself. “Mami just put the Playbrush down, I want to brush now” said Johannes as he reached out to get the blue Playbrush device.

“It can’t be that difficult!”, said my husband as he took the Playbrush and began trying it for himself. “It’s easy!”, he said as he made his Knight shoot in all different directions like he’d played the game a million times. “New Highscore!”, he laughed when the 2 minutes were over. “That was fun!”, he said as he placed Johannes spiderman toothbrush into the Playbrush device. Even Johannes managed a second brush without any problems.


Mathäus said “I don’t understand why it’s not working with you, but I do know one thing for sure – Practice is everything!” To show how thankful they were, they bought us countless balloons, stickers, colouring books and informational material. This made Antonia very happy as she is a bit too young for Playbrush.

“I think I will put Johannes to bed tonight”, my husband said. I was a bit confused but happily agreed. A bit later I found out why. I was walking past the bathroom and heard my husbands voice:

“Okay, don’t grin at me like that! Just because you broke my high score. It’s my turn now!”

Read more about my toothbrushing experiences in “Sophie’s Blog” next week!