The Dentist recommended something special for Johannes. Something new. Playbrush! I had never heard of it before, but that’s not remarkable. Playbrush has only just come onto the market.

“Does your son enjoy playing on your computer?”, he asked me. He could have easily guessed the answer. Show me one 6 year old that doesn’t enjoy playing computer games. “Then I have the perfect thing for you”. He gave us a 6-centimeter small soft and blue rubber device. I studied it was curiosity. “How will this help Johannes dental health?”, I asked sceptically.

The Dentist explained: “This is an attachment that can be fitted onto any manual toothbrush. You activate a game, which you download on your phone or tablet and let the fun begin! As a knight, you are standing in the middle of the game screen and you fight off the approaching bacteria. You brush with your toothbrush in the region of the mouth in which the bacteria are coming onto the screen.

That means that if they are coming from above the knight, you have to brush the upper region of the mouth. When they are coming from the left, you have to brush on the left and so on.“


“I see”, I said as I tried to visualise it.

“You know what? Take it home with you, try it for the next 2 weeks and tell me how you liked it. I would be great if you would agree to be a test family for Playbrush!”

We agreed with the dentist to try Playbrush. “I am very happy to hear that!“, he gleamed and put something else in my hand. A business card. “Call this number when you have completed the first brushing session. The three inventors would be excited if they could come and show you everything!“ He then said goodbye and went back into the surgery.

“Is that really necessary?“, asked my husband. “Of-course it is!“ I was excited! I loved Playbrush within seconds, and a hope filled me that Johannes might, just might, finally start brushing his teeth.

Read more about my toothbrushing experiences in “Sophie’s Blog” next week!