Tolu and John, how are you? You just went to New York to the Toy Fair! I have some questions for you about the fair. Would you mind answering them?

Tolu: Please ask away!

John: Yeah sure! 

How was the atmosphere at the Show and how were the reactions to Playbrush?

Tolu: I thought the show was great, with lots of participants including inventors, product developers, retailers, distributors corporate buyers, press people and exhibitors. We had lots of people stop by our stand and they loved Playbrush. Most of the people were parents themselves so they could easily identify the problem we are solving.

John: The atmosphere and the reactions were great! Everyone coming to the New York Toy Fair seemed to really love the concept of Playbrush. It was really nice to meet people who were so enthusiastic about a product that we have been working so hard on!

What did you learn at the fair? What was the feedback you got about Playbrush and how does Toy Fair influence your development within Playbrush?

John: It was our first foray into the US toy market, meaning many of the people we met had never heard of Playbrush before. They were able to give us really great feedback from a fresh point of view on how we could perfect Playbrush for US kids. We are already working on these improvements!

Tolu: Yes, that was it. We received lots of feedback about how to improve our product and what parents in the US would like to see. We also learnt a lot about partnerships and distributions in the US (and other markets).

Why did you decide to go to the Toy Fair in New York in the first place and what were your expectations as an exhibitor you had?

Tolu: We wanted to increase the awareness about Playbrush within the US, meet interesting contacts and potentially develop medium and long-term relationships with Key Stakeholders within the Toy industry.

John: As Tolu already said, it was our aim to meet as many people in the toy industry as possible – and the New York Toy Fair is where everyone goes to hear about the latest products.

Were your expectations satisfied or beaten?

John: Definitely beaten. We already had great hopes that this would be a successful event for us, but the people we met really inspired us with their enthusiasm and love of Playbrush! This was fantastic!

Tolu: My expectations were definitely beaten. I had been to a few smaller fairs in Europe and this was definitely better in terms of size and quality. I am glad we decided to go for it.


Thanks a lot for all of your detailed answers and good luck with in the future!

Thank you!