As soon as we were home after our eventful shopping trip, I was franticly cleaning our sofa. Apparently toothpaste and sofas do not mix. I wish someone had told Antonia that. But let me start from the beginning.

My two kids wanted to use their new toothbrushes immediately. I, of course, had to take advantage of this sudden tooth brushing excitement, so I allowed them to scurry straight upstairs to the bathroom. But right away I could hear them arguing – “I’m first… No, I am”! I trudge upstairs to the bathroom and quickly snatch the scissors away from Johannes and cut off the toothbrush packaging myself. I then instructed them on how much toothpaste to put on. I stood over them as they began to brush, but Johannes shouted within 10 seconds “More toothpaste Mami!” I checked his toothbrush to find he had swallowed in all before it had even touched his teeth! I reluctantly applied more toothpaste to his brush and warned him not to swallow otherwise he could risk “painful tummy aches”.


But as I looked round to check Antonia’s brushing, she had disappeared. But also gone were here toothbrush and toothpaste. I followed the toothpaste drops downstairs to the living room, to find her sitting on the sofa with toothbrush in hand. “Look Mami, Look”, she said with green, blue and white toothpaste splattered all over herself and the sofa.

Back in my childhood, I used to make fun of the plastic coats that were put on the sofas in the television soap “The Nanny”. But right now, I really could have done with them. I am done with brushing kids’ teeth for today!

Read more about my toothbrushing experiences in “Sophie’s Blog” next week!