What is the difference? Which is more effective? Which is better value?

Rotating toothbrush heads mimic the cleaning action that we ideally learnt when growing up with manual toothbrushes. The small, round brush head rotates around 5000 times per minute and some brush heads also pulsate, i.e. they also move back and forth.

Sonic toothbrushes often have a long and thin brush head and does not rotate. However, Sonic toothbrushes make 20,000 sonic wave-like movements and the brush is driven by a sound transducer, not an electric motor.

Which is better?

Rotating brush heads are extremely thorough at cleaning the area underneath gums, but can also harm sensitive gums so great care should be taken. The pressure of the electric brush head means that users have to be careful moving them from tooth to tooth, the perfect brush for the lazy people in this world in our opinion!

The brushing actions of sonic toothbrushes are similar to manual toothbrushes, which is why our games work particularly well with this type of toothbrush. Sonic toothbrushes also protect gums and enamel, which is especially important for children’s teeth. So-called Sonic Toothbrushes can be applied with virtually no pressure, and if the pressure just gets too much, our Playbrush Smart Sonic now includes a pressure indicator that indicates when teeth are being over-cleaned

To sum up, if you want to make sure that your teeth sparkly white and your gums are healthy, then sonic toothbrushes are the product for you! And not to mention that sonic toothbrushes are especially recommended for children. If you feel that the area around your gums are not being cleaned properly, maybe you could look at an electric rotating toothbrush.

When handled correctly, however, both toothbrushes will clean equally well! 🙂

Alle the best, Lisa!

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