Does it hurt to look at the picture?

A hot chocolate, ice cubes or a sour apple: what can cause sensitive teeth? We have all experienced that stinging pain on our teeth when drinking a hot tea or eating something very cold, like ice cream. But what causes that pain?

Sensitive teeth are equally common among adults and children. There are different reasons for having them. Most times there’s you can do something about it:

  • Brushing teeth too aggressively: many brush their teeth too aggressively. It is suggested to use soft bristles and to avoid hectic movements or to apply too much pressure on the toothbrush. This harms the gum and when it retracts, the dentine can lay openly and causes the pain, as there is no protective layer on the dentine.
  • Abrasion of enamel: your enamel gets affected by aggressive brushing, too. But it is also vulnerable to acids: acids contained in Yogurts, Fruits, Jam and beverages can harm the enamel as badly as the gastric acid. It is advised to use a toothpaste that does not harm the enamel
  • Caries and other inflammations: caries can occur due to lack of dental hygiene. When it reaches the nerve endings, it causes pain.

What can be done about sensitive teeth?

First of all, you can change your diet so that you consume less acid. Fruit should be eaten regularly, but not too often throughout the day, because otherwise the teeth are constantly exposed to acids.

You can also try to brush your teeth more gently: a soft bristle and special toothpaste for sensitive teeth are recommended.

Rinse your mouth with water after each meal. So you can wash away all food leftovers. All other beverages containing sugar should be consumed as little as possible and, if possible, swallowed directly with a straw.

Do not eat or drink sweet or acidic things before going to bed. And always remember: Let at least 20 minutes elapse between eating and brushing your teeth so that the enamel remains intact and continues to protect the gums against pain and sensitivity.