The Tooth Fairy has pink hair and a beautiful crown full of bright and shining teeth. She needs all her magical teeth to reign over Utoothia and to stay young for eternity.
The Tooth Fairy is regarded by all the inhabitants of Utoothia as a model of wisdom and kindness as she always puts the wellbeing of them before herself. She has reigned over the kingdom for centuries and is loved by all.




Plaksta is the huge one-eyed ogre who wants to use the Tooth Fairy’s magical teeth to take over the kingdom of Utoothia and to eat the people who live there. He has already started to devastate villages on the border.

He has none of his own teeth anymore as over the years he never took care of them, meaning rotted and fell out. Without his teeth, he had to eat soup and vegetables which he hates.

He therefore wants the magical teeth so he can eat humans again and to reign over Utoothia. Plaksta is surrounded by the Crobies that support him in defeating the brusher and the Tooth Fairy!




The Crobies are green goblins that work for Plaksta. They try to help him to get and defend the Tooth Fairy’s magical teeth, so Plaksta can rule over the kingdom of Utoothia.

They are led by the ogre Plaksta and they fight under his orders. The Crobies do everything in their power to stop the brusher from finding the teeth. They attack the brusher and until the magical teeth are gone.




There is a female and a male brusher. They fight against the Corbies to defeat Plaksta and get back the Tooth Fairy’s magical teeth. They have to save Utoothia and all its inhabitants!

The brushers are brave and clever. They have always dreamt of leaving their hometown to discover the world and to experience many exciting adventures.
Help them through their journey and support them as they attack the Crobies and Plaksta!




Phoenix is a firebird and he is one of the fellows that help the brushers through their adventures.
Phoenix is a magical flying creature that lives in the kingdom in volcanic and desert areas. It appears when the brushers need help when traveling between different counties.
Phoenix is a red and orange majestic firebird and a symbol of resilience. When he dies, he can rise again from the ashes to help the brushers later on.