Playbrush is growing! Not only the numbers of sold Playbrush’ but also the number of people working for Playbrush.

We are an international team, full of young motivated and creative people and since we are divided between two offices in Vienna and London, we decided to meet up all together. This was a great idea as the team could all meet face to face for the first time, not just over a Skype call! We got to know each other and it was a really productive and fun day!
After the team building was planned and the flights booked, team Vienna took a plane to London really early in the morning. There was no real time to have a coffee or tea, because Paul who is based in London had planned a really tight and busy schedule and we immediately sat down and started with the first points that were on the list.

We talked about logistics, about packaging, about marketing plans, about future games and stories, questions were answered and important points were discussed – the aim of that day was to inform everyone about what was going on in each department and to know who has which responsibility. We sat together in a big group and also worked in small groups for some brainstorming ideas, which we then discussed all together at the end of the day.

In between, after a few hours of working we got some nice and yummy lunch sandwiches – London style obviously.
In the evening, we went to an austrian restaurant and had some really good food and wine.
It was such a pleasure for everyone to meet and get to know colleagues from Vienna and London. This means that working together between the two countries doesn’t feel distant at all.

Everyone is looking forward to the next team reunion soon (with good food and wine of course)!

Alessandra Augustin, Marketing Intern