Some days ago, I noticed a change in Johannes behavior. He wasn´t laughing as much as he used to, he wasn´t eating and he always put his finger in his mouth. I assumed he was just tired from the kindergarten and needed to be left alone.

After putting him to bed that evening, I heard little footsteps. I looked up and found Johannes standig at the door, with his finger in his mouth. “Mami, I think I am sick“, he said with tears in his eyes as he came to cuddle up with me. “What´s the matter, honey?“, I asked as I touched his forehead. His temperature felt normal. He placed his head on my chest and started babbling incoherently. “Darling, I don’t understand what you are saying”, I said and sat him up, so we could have a serious conversation.

Johnannes: “I behaved well and I did everything you told me to do”
Me: “Sure Johannes, you did but what´s your point?, I asked him.
Johannes: “And I didn´t flush the new toothbrush
Me: “I really don’t know what you…”
Johannes: (Cuts in) “And yesterday I only ate two bonbons after brushing my teeth and that is because Antonia woud have eaten all. So it is actually her fault!”
Me: “Honey, where did you get bonbons from? Nevermind, forget it” ​​*sighs*​​

This is going to be fun.

Johannes placed his head on my chest again. I tried to placate him so he would tell me what was troubling him. “Mami, are you gonna get upset?” He asked as he looked up at me with his big green and wet eyes. “I promise I wont” I replied and gave him a big reassuring grin. I couldn’t have been prepared for what followed – My son sat up and spat into his palm. I started to protest but he opened his palm and started to cry. “I have tried to put it back but it really hurts. I promise to brush my teeth everyday from today“.

1st-tooth Kopie

I recognized the little white thing in his hand. Johannes has losy his first baby tooth! I held him close and tried to comfort him. “Honey, do you know what this means? You are going to help the toothfairy” I said as I went on to tell him about the toothfairy and her teeth castle which was made from lost babyteeth that she picked up in the middle of the night. More importantly, I told him about the little presents that she leaves behind for those who helped her. Johannes’ face lit up at the though of a present, and suddenly his happy demeanour had returned. He went back to his bed and hid his little tooth under his pillow. “Goodnight honey. Tomorrow, we would take a look at what the toothfairy brought you, okay?” I did not get a response. My little man was already asleep.

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