Welcome to the fantastic gaming world of Playbrush. Currently, up to 12 games can be played with Playbrush (depending on whether you have a subscription or not). We are constantly developing our games and trying to bring new game ideas and features to our gaming world. Today we would like to give you a small overview of all our games. So: Let’s go!

Games in the Playbrush App

In addition to external apps that have to be downloaded from the Playstore or Appstore, there are also some apps that can be played via the Playbrush app for both iOS and Android.

Feeding Frenzy

Fridolin is a voracious little frog. Calm as a soul, he sits on his lily pad and waits for mosquitoes to approach him, which he can then snap open with his tongue. The insects approach our hungry frog from all directions. With the movement of your toothbrush, you control which mosquito Fridolin will grab next.

Fancy Football

Defeat the goalkeeper with skillful shots. The better you clean, the better your shot and therefore the chance to score a goal.

Super Stars

The better you clean, the higher the coloured bar rises. If you are high enough and can collect a star, it will continue in another direction. Clean so that the bars grow and you can collect as many stars as possible.

Matching Madness

Matching Madness could be seen as a successful mix of the game classics 4 Wins and Tetris. At one point of the screen a building block appears that will be next to the other traps. Use the appropriate cleaning path to colour the stone. If you have three stones of the same colour in a line, then this line disappears and you get points for it. React quickly, recognize the necessary colour and clean in the right place. That’s how you get the high score.


Sketching Shapes

Use your cleaning movements to move the character that leaves a coloured mark. The cleaning movement controls both the painting direction and colour. After cleaning you will definitely have painted a new work of art 😉

Running Routes

Jump from track to track by brushing the different parts of your teeth. At some point, the track ends and you also have to change your brushing direction to keep the track running. How far can you make it?

Making Music

A toothbrush as a musical instrument? No problem at all with the Playbrush. In this game, you choose the instrument you want to play (you can choose between piano, ukulele or reggae). The song begins and there is always a grey stripe towards you. For the duration that the strip runs along with the screen, brush this side of the teeth. As long as you brush the indicated side, your instrument will sound in the song. However, if you clean the wrong side, your instrument will not be heard.


Utoothia: the game world of Playbrush

Most of our games take place in the fantasy world of Utoothia, where children can experience many adventures and learn to brush their teeth thoroughly in a playful way. This is fun for them and they take care of most of their dental hygiene on their own.


In the game Utoothia you have to stand your ground as knights who have to defeat the evil Crobies with their ray cannon. Be on your guard, though, as the evil creatures approach from all directions.

Utoothia Sky

Climb into a fantastic flying machine and be the pilot who moves across the sky in pursuit of stars. Keep your plane in the air with the brush movements. But be careful: if you clean too fast, your engine jerks and you lose valuable seconds. Now chase as many stars as possible and fly the longest distance possible.

Utoothia Paint

Your toothbrush turns into a paintbrush. Choose your colours and one of our many motifs and awaken the artist in you. The more precisely you brush, the more precisely the picture will be painted. Try to collect as many medals as possible while painting to unlock more pictures.

Utoothia Dance

Dance your way to toothbrushing stardom!The spotlight is now focused on you during toothbrushing. Choose the perfect music and show everyone your dancing skills on stages from all around the world. The better you follow the choreography, the better your score and the better cool outfits, worldwide stages and special dance moves you can unlock! But the most important new feature: the brand new 2 PLAYER MODE! Two Playbrushers can now play simultaneously, against each other in an exciting dance battle.