Why do we actually need teeth?

First and foremost we need our teeth to bite and chew our food. Imagine eating an apple without being able to take a bite, it wouldn’t even fit into your mouth! Without teeth we would have to just stick to soups and puree! Teeth also help us speak. You might have realised that some words come out differently after you lose one of your front milk teeth. It might have been hard for you to say the letter ‘s’.

Lastly, healthy teeth make your smile look beautiful!

How many teeth do we have and how do they develop?

Your teeth start growing from about the age of 6 months and by the time you are 2 ½  you should have all 20 baby teeth. Between the ages of 6-12 you start losing those milk teeth and replace them with permanent teeth. When you are 18-25 years old, all 32 adult teeth will have developed. 

What does a tooth look like?

Teeth are so precious that we call them crowns. To be more exact, we call the upper visible part of your teeth crowns. To be sure that those precious crowns don’t fall out, routes deeply attach them to your gums (the red skin around your teeth).

We can compare the structure of a tooth to an apple. There is the protective outer layer, called enamel (an apple’s skin), a second safety shield (=flesh), called dentine and the inner core, called pulp composed of nerves and blood vessels (= seeds).

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Although all teeth have the same structure, you might have realised that not all teeth look alike. The reason for this is that they have different purposes – cutting (incisors), tearing (canines) and grinding (molars).