Last minute costume ideas!

The absolute favourites in kindergarten age were the animal masks made of cardboard. If you are still looking for a suitable costume for Halloween, you only need a few things that can be found quickly:

You need:
– an empty box / shipping carton
– paper in different colours (alternatively you can paint white paper with colours)
– scissors
– Cutter / cardboard knife
– craft glue
– Acrylic paint & brush (for the shark mask)


How to:
Seal your box with tape and turn it to one side without a tab.


For the shark costume you paint the box with grey (black and white paint mixed) or silver acrylic paint and put the box aside to dry.

Then cut an oval circle out of the white paper and glue it onto the box. Use the cutter to cut sharp teeth as shown in our picture.

It has a large field of vision, which is especially important for younger children so they wear it for longer.


Use the scissors to form a fin out of grey paper, which is reinforced with any paper for stability. Fold a flap into the fin and stick it to the top of the box. Now paint the shark’s eyes, or stick two circles of black paper on.

Cut a round loop hole for your neck!

The cat and dog costume is almost self-explanatory – you can make your animal’s face more or less creepy out of colourful scraps of clay paper.


Here, too, the loophole is cut out on the underside of the box. At the eye level of your child there are two more sight holes and the costuming can already begin.


Your BADALA family wishes you a lot of fun dressing up!

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