The medieval kingdom of Utoothia is divided into 12 separate countries, each very special in its own right. To fight Plaksta and help the Tooth Fairy win back her power, you will have to travel all these regions and search for the 12 magical teeth. On your journey you will visit volcanic lands and deserts, but also beautiful islands, forests, mountains and caves.

All 12 counties are connected together by hidden paths, but be careful: some of your allies have reported that these paths are surrounded by the evil Crobies more and more in recent days. With every day that you fail to brush your teeth twice a day, the Crobies grow in number and it becomes harder to find and travel the paths of Utoothia.


It is only once the teeth are all found that the world of Utoothia becomes free of Plaksta and the Crobies again. Only by then will all the countries be fully connected and live in peace again.

Playbrush is a unique way of learning how to brush your teeth. It is fun because it combines daily tooth brushing with the enjoyment of mobile games by transforming your toothbrush into a gaming controller. It is instructional because it links brushing behaviour to in-game performance, and encourages children to brush more regularly, for longer and more accurately. It is convenient because it can easily be added to any toothbrush and shared within a family.

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