In the magical land of Utoothia, everyone used to live happily and peacefully under the reign of the Tooth Fairy, the wisest and kindest person in the entire kingdom. She ruled thanks to the 12 magical teeth that were mounted on her crown like gems and gave her all her power. But one night, while she was asleep, a thief entered her palace and stole the 12 teeth from her crown.

Utoothia is now under threat! A giant one-eyed ogre called Plaksta is invading the kingdom with his army of evil goblins, the Crobies. Plaksta and his army have already devastated a village on the border, tearing down its houses and burning its crops. Before running away, one of the villagers overheard him speak to the Crobies and knows his terrible plan: Plaksta, who previously lost all his teeth, is looking for the Tooth Fairy’s 12 magical teeth to put them in his mouth and eat all the kingdom’s inhabitants. He must be stopped at all costs!


The Tooth Fairy is growing weaker every day and knows that she will not be able to defeat Plaksta unless her crown is fully reassembled. In one of her dreams, a voice has told her that the 12 teeth are hidden in the 12 counties of Utoothia and that they can only be found with your help.

A great quest awaits you. As you brush your teeth every day, you will explore the 12 counties of Utoothia, from the volcanic eruptions of Vulco to the cloud formations of Limbo and the mountain snow of Olympus. And you will not be alone in this great adventure: magical creatures called the Fellows will help you look for the 12 missing teeth and fly over Utoothia.

The time has come to help the Tooth Fairy and save the kingdom. Are you ready?


Playbrush is a unique way of learning how to brush your teeth. It is fun because it combines daily tooth brushing with the enjoyment of mobile games by transforming your toothbrush into a gaming controller. It is instructional because it links brushing behaviour to in-game performance, and encourages children to brush more regularly, for longer and more accurately. And it is convenient because it can easily be added to any toothbrush and shared amongst a family.

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