Smart Sonic- What it is and how it works

Within the last two decades, electric toothbrushes have increasingly entered our bathrooms. There is a huge range of different brands and styles to choose from and as a parent it is not easy to find out what is best for your child. What makes our Smart Sonic special and how can it help to improve and maintain a good oral care for children? Let’s discover together.

What is Smart Sonic?

Our latest product is a smart electric toothbrush that is able to optimize your child’s oral care as well as to respond to the individual cleaning technique and the pressure your child is brushing his or her teeth with.

How does Smart Sonic Work?

The package comes with a charging station that you can use with a normal plug. Once it is fully charged you can start playbrushing: activate Bluetooth in your device settings to pair it with the Smart Sonic brush. Let your child choose from one of the games in the Playbrush apps to get started. You have access to 4 games without subscription when buying a Smart Sonic!  The toothbrush sends immediate feedback via the application and gives advice such as “You’re brushing too hard.”, “Brush slower”, or, if your child is mastering it “Great brush”. Collecting stars and medals is an awesome reward and motivation for the kids and the statistic section in the Playbrush application allows you as a parent to analyse their cleaning habits more accurately.

What do I need do get a Smart Sonic?

All you need is a smartphone or a tablet, operated with either Android or iOS (Apple) or also on Kindle, that your child can use to brush and play the games with. Download the Playbrush app in the Play store or App Store or and your child can start playing (and brushing, of course). What’s more, the Smart Sonic is available now in our webshop at less than 30 Pounds. An investment that’s worth it: helping your child to have a healthy dental hygiene.