I have always had the opinion that the ultimate career is one where you have fun, work with inspiring people and create long term impact. And these are the reasons why we started Playbrush!

In summer of 2014, when Paul first shared his idea with me, I thought it would be amazing to create a product that can help kids have fun, while reinforcing their habits for good dental hygiene at a young age. I immediately offered to help with the algorithm and development.

A few weeks later, Paul was back at my house in Dublin for 2 weeks where we had a coding bootcamp to develop the first iteration of our minimum viable game. And since then, we had a lot of fun developing, engineering and testing our product with lots of kids in the UK and Austria. But we are not the only ones having fun – the kids absolutely love it. Our initial tests show that they now have fun brushing and they brush better and longer. Feels like a win-win scenario here 🙂

Our team feels like the perfect match. Our diverse cultural and educational backgrounds help us to view things from entirely different perspectives while our joint passion for working with kids and entrepreneurship keeps us motivated on our goal – to make brushing finally fun!

Since our goal is to create a useful product that is not only entertaining, but also informative, we are getting support from the Eastman Dental Hospital and professional dentists in London and Vienna. Our aim is that by shifting the attention of the kids from a boring routine (brushing) to a fun one (gaming), we can help them develop better dental hygiene. And our tests so far show that it is working. Just have a look at our Facebook page and see how much fun the kids are having.

We would like you and your kids to join the fun. Sign up to join Playbrush and we will keep you informed on our progress as we go along!