After the little incident with the toothbrushes, we had to get new ones. So I took my kids and off we went.

When we arrived at the shop, I began to discuss with them who could sit in the buggy and who could sit in the shopping trolley. As hard as it is to believe, there are moments where my 1-½ year old girl is more assertive than my son. Fittingly, she easily claimed the trolley. As we moved into the toothbrush aisle, I was pushed from left to right by Johannes “Look Mami, here! And look there”. This occurred as Antonia threw everything her little hands could reach into the trolley. In short, the usual madness ensued. Finally we got to the toothbrush section and I told Johannes: “Listen to me. You can choose any toothbrush you want. And the one you like the best we’ll buy, ok?” His eyes grew bigger and bigger as he jumped around. “Yeeeaah! I want this one! No this one! Oh, and this!” Before I could object, three brushes were thrown into the trolley and, if I hadn’t stopped my son, many more would have followed. So again I explain. One. The one he likes best. But just one.


As he made the difficult decision between the blue one with Spiderman or the red one with cars, I attempted to look after my daughter.  I took two different toothbrushes from the rack and showed it to her. “So honey, which one do you want?” She looked at them and shook her head, instead pointing directly at the most garish and fluorescent pink toothbrush I could have ever imagined. But a promise is a promise and, with a sigh, I gave it to her. She squealed in delight as she hugged her new “Dizizi”. The new Dizizi, accompanied by the Spiderman brush, made their way to the tills. As I began to walk out the shop, I told my children in no uncertain terms “You will not throw them in the toilet again, is that clear?” Both laughed, along with the shop assistant. “You will come back, believe me! I’ve had the same. Your kids will get even more creative”. I gave her a polite smile and walked away. If she only knew…

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