Our Dentist appointment went better than expected. Johannes was disappointed when he found out that the Dentist was not Iron Man, and no amount of toys in the waiting room would make up for that. But the Dentist was very friendly and joked a lot with my son.

“Papi told me you are Iron Man but you aren’t”, said my son as they shook hands.
“No I’m not, but I also have great super powers”, he said as he managed to move the Dentist chair without his hands.
“Cool”, screamed my kids. “Please can we get on?!”

As they scrambled onto the chair, we explained to the Dentist that Johannes had not been brushing well enough. We had tried everything, but to no avail.

“Mami told me I’m not allowed to bite your finger”, said Johannes begrudgingly. “That’s not very fair of her”, the dentist quipped with a fake shocked face. He began to check Johannes mouth and said “Well, everything looks great. Try to get your toothbrush to the back teeth. But you have teeth like a lion, strong and beautiful”.

“You hear that Mami, strong like a lion!”, he followed that with a roar. Now it was Antonia’s turn to get into the Dentist’s chair, but she didn’t understand and just sucked on the Dentist’s instruments. The Dentist couldn’t see anything wrong with Antonia’s teeth, so he instructed her to get of the chair and began to grin at me. “Now it’s your turn!”

“Mami watch you don’t bite his fingers!”, laughed Johannes. But his face turned to an even bigger grin as the dentist said “I think you have a hole in the middle of your tooth”, and told me to stay behind and motioned for the rest of my family to leave.

You make a fool out of yourself when getting your children to brush their teeth every evening, and next minute you are the patient yourself. I begrudgingly sat back and opened my mouth.

Read more about my toothbrushing experiences in “Sophie’s Blog” next week!