Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Premium Product

Why should I upgrade to a Playbrush Subscription?

1) High quality dental products are delivered straight to your door every 3 months. These have been recommended by dentists and each 3 month delivery includes x1 manual toothbrush and x3 toothpastes.

2) Full access to the Playbrush Reward’s Program and collect points with every brush. Earn up to €30 per year by converting your points into cash, redeemable via PayPal or via discount on your Premium renewal.

3) Full access to the Playbrush Data Monitoring App for parents. This enables you to monitor your children’s brushing process over time via statistics and graphs, and receive a condensed weekly summary via Email.

4) Full access to all Playbrush games, so your kids can fly planes, paint masterpieces, win dance battles and save the Tooth Fairy. Also includes the Playbrush Multiplayer game for 2 children.

Do you have any other questions? Please check our Premium website, FAQs or contact us directly via [email protected]

Why is my child’s cleaning data in the weekly brushing report blocked/greyed out?

Only customers with a Premium Package have access to the detailed cleaning statistics and progress of their children. Secure unlimited access on the webshop.


Why do I not have access to the detailed brushing statistics in the Playbrush app?

Only customers with a subscription have access to their child’s detailed cleaning statistics. If you already have a subscription but you still can’t login, please make sure that the e-mail address given during the order was also used for the game registration. Please verify this process by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. It is the only way all features can be unlocked.

I have not received the payment of my credit yet on PayPal. What now?

It can take up to 48h until the amount is credited. If this timeframe has been exceeded, please contact [email protected]

I do not have a PayPal account, how can I pay off my Playbrush credit?

Unfortunately, the credit can only be transferred via PayPal. In order to use the Playbrush bonus program as best as possible, you can create a PayPal account or redeem your credit on your subscription (the annual amount of your subscription will be reduced by the credit note).

How does the Playbrush Reward program work?

Your children collect points with each cleaning session. Each cleaning session gets you 1 point. If cleaned twice daily (morning and evening) this gets you 3 points per day. The more you clean, the more points you can collect. These points are converted into cash and can be paid for the amount of the subscription or paid back by PayPal. You save up to £30 a year. You can see your balance in the Playbrush App or in the weekly brushing report via email.

A subscription is required for participation in the Bonus Program.

What do the points and money amounts mean in my weekly brushing report?

Your children collect points for each cleaning session. These correspond to a cash amount which can be paid for the annual amount of the subscription or paid back by PayPal.

How can I redeem my points?
  1. Log into the Playbrush App
  2. Go to the rewards page
  3. Here you have the option to choose between two payment options:
  • Have the amount paid out via PayPal
  • Please write the amount of the annual subscription

Note: A credit is worth more than a payout via PayPal. A payout via PayPal is only possible with an upright subscription.


How many points can I collect for each brushing session?

1x daily cleaning = 1 point

2x daily cleaning = 3 points

Note: Cleaning twice is invalid, to collect 3 points, you must brush once in the evening and once in the morning.

How can I cancel my subscription?

All Playbrush subscriptions are cancelable at any time and have no minimum binding. You can easily cancel your subscription by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or your webshop account. Please register here if you do not have an account yet or log in here . Please remember: Your game login does NOT work in the webshop. Please register separately in the webshop, but use the same email address you use to login to your games.

Please click here to watch our tutorial how to use Playbrush!

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