Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Questions

How to charge the Playbrush Smart and the Playbrush Smart Sonic?

You charge your Playbrush Smart by removing the bottom white part, connecting the Micro-USB cable and waiting for it to start flashing red. After about 4 hours, it should stop flashing and stick on red. Your Playbrush Smart is now fully charged!

The Playbrush Smart Sonic comes with a charging Dock and will be fully charged when the light is blue.


How do I turn on my Playbrush Smart/Playbrush Smart Sonic?

You can turn on the Playbrush Smart by shaking it. When its on, the yellow light will blink. If it does not come on or if it flashes a red light), then the battery might be low. Please charge your Playbrush and it will be ready to use again a few hours.

Press the button to activate the Playbrush Smart Sonic until the blue light show off.


How do I connect Playbrush with my phone via Bluetooth?

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone but do not actively pair Playbrush with your phone in the phone’s settings! Just open one of the apps, make sure Playbrush is active (the light is blinking) and wait for a few seconds. If Playbrush does not connect automatically, press the Connect button on the menu screen.

Here is a short video to show you the connection process.

Why isn't it possible to connect via Bluetooth?

Launching the app, shaking your Playbrush Smart/Pressing the button on the Playbrush Smart Sonic until the light blinks and Playbrush is just not connecting?

Please check the following to successfully connect Playbrush with your smartphone/tablet:

It is important to not actively pair your smartphone/tablet with Playbrush in the smartphone’s bluetooth settings since Playbrush is connecting automatically in our games.

If you are using an Android Phone or Tablet with Android 6.0, please make sure that you are granting location permissions to our apps. See the question “How to enable location permissions in Android 6.0?” on how to alter location permissions.

If you are still having troubles connecting your Playbrush, please try the following:

  1. Deactivate Bluetooth
  2. Uninstall the app(s)
  3. Restart smartphone/tablet
  4. Install the app(s)
  5. Activate Bluetooth (but don’t actively pair Bluetooth with Playbrush)
  6. Activate Playbrush
  7. Open the app(s) and Playbrush will connect automatically


How to enable location permissions in Android 6.0?

Google has changed location settings permission requests for the Android 6.0 operating system. If access to location settings is denied for an app, Bluetooth does not work. So when launching a Playbrush app for the first time, when you are asked to grant permission to access location settings, you must do so.

If you have not been asked or have already denied permission, you can alter location permissions in your settings. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Open up settings
  2. Scroll down to Application
  3. Open up Application Manager
  4. Select the game
  5. Click on Permissions
  6. Ensure location is turned on


Why isn't it possible to log into the webshop with my game login?

You need two separate accounts for the Playbrush games and the webshop. Your game login does NOT automatically work in the webshop. Please register separately in the webshop, but use the same email address you use to login to your games.

Is Playbrush waterproof?

Playbrush is designed and tested to be waterproof and using it is similar to using an electric toothbrush. However we cannot guarantee for any damage caused by water – so we recommend not using it in the bathtub or shower.

Is the Playbrush and playbrushing safe for my children?

We tested Playbrush with over 300 happy kids before launching, and safety was always the most important aspect. Playbrush is designed and tested for children older than 3 years – using child friendly materials, electronics and size. Of course the product is certified and “Made in Austria and Switzerland”.

Please click here to watch our tutorial how to use Playbrush!

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