“Utoothia Sky”

The ultimate games to finally enjoy toothbrushing!

The Story

The tooth fairy collects baby teeth as soon as they fall out and sends them up into the sky. The twinkling tooth-stars then give strength and hope to the people of Utoothia. But Plaksta, the evil Ogre, hatches a plan to steal those precious milk teeth. The Tooth Fairy needs YOU to help get to the teeth before the evil tooth monster!

The Game

Tooth brushing adventurers board a magical flying vehicle and explore the fairy tale land of Utoothia from above. The goal of the game is to fly as far as possible and collect all the magical teeth along the way. Brushing regularly and accurately (everywhere in your mouth) helps to improve your score. Players control and play the game with their toothbrush and their in game-performance directly relates to brushing skill.


Each family member can create their own personalised character. This means the whole family can start their own brushing adventure!


Whilst travelling in your enchanted flying machine, it is your task to collect all the magic teeth along the way and fill up the mystic bubbles, by brushing at the right speed and correct direction. The better you brush, the further you fly.


Based on overcoming various brushing challenges, the brusher will achieve rewards. For example, if you brush twice a day for two days in a row, you will get the reward “Regularity”.

Brushing Stats

After the game, brushing stats are shown to the brusher and their parents. With these stats, the brusher learns about their brushing behavior and can therefore improve their brushing technique.

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