The ultimate game to finally enjoy toothbrushing!

The Story

The Tooth Fairy reigns over Utoothia thanks to her 12 magical teeth. However, these have been stolen by the Plaksta the evil Oger and his army of Crobies. The Tooth Fairy has asked YOU to win back the teeth and bring back peace to Utoothia.

The Game

The players will have to travel through 12 counties to collect the 12 teeth. Each country of Utoothia represents a new level and you have to achieve various tasks and rewards to win back the teeth. Those tasks are actual brushing challenges and the in-game performance directly relates to the brushing skills of the player (e.g. brushing your teeth perfectly for two days in a row).


Each player can create their own character. Thus, everyone is able to travel on their own adventure and overcome the brushing challenges.


Crobies, the evil helpers of Plaksta, are coming from all directions into the screen. The brusher has to brush their teeth based on where they are entering (e.g. if the Crobies enter from the right, the brusher has to brush their right front teeth).


Based on overcoming various brushing challenges, the brusher gets rewards. For instance, if you brush twice a day for two days in a row, you will get the reward “Regularity”. The rewards will get more difficult with each level the brusher progresses to.

Brushing Stats

After the game, brushing stats are shown to the brusher and their parents. With these stats, the brusher learns about his brushing behavior and can therefore improve their brushing technique.

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