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✓ All games ✓ brush head deliveries ✓ detailed brushing statistics ✓ reward scheme

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My kids love the dance game. Our bathroom turns into a dance floor every night. Lots of fun watching!

Can only recommend the dental plan! Susanna

Unlimited access

to all Playbrush Games

Subscription customers have unlimited access to all brushing game apps (Android and iOS). This includes our very first multiplayer game, Utoothia Dance, where two children can brush and play at the same time, competing in a dance battle.

✓ Game variety ensures motivation

✓ Access to newly released games

Detailed Brushing Statistics for parents

Do your children actually clean their teeth? How long for? Did they ignore any areas of their mouth? The Statistic section in the Playbrush App will answer your questions!

✓ Data overview for each child

✓ Summary of all games and over time

✓ Tracks brushing time, regularity and effectiveness

Dental Care Plan

Dental products straight to your door

Did you know that there can be as many as 600 bacteria on a single toothbrush? That’s why we have decided to deliver replacement brushes for your Playbrush Smart Sonic straight to your door!

✓ Developed for kids

✓ Incredibly convenient

✓ Great value

Earn up to £8 every quarter by brushing regularly

How does the rewards program work?

Brush and save money! Your children earn reward points with every brush, which are then credited to your Playbrush subscription account.

✓ Your children collect 1 point with each brushing session.

✓ If brushing twice daily (morning and evening) this gets you 3 points per day.

These points are converted into cash and can be paid for the recurring amount of the subscription or paid back via PayPal.

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Playbrush with dental plan

Choose between Playbrush Smart, our attachment for any manual toothbrush, and Playbrush Smart Sonic, our fully integrated electric toothbrush!

Find your Playbrush with the right dental plan here!

Upgrade your Playbrush

Upgrade to a Playbrush Plan and receive all Playbrush brushing games, detailed brushing statistics, reward scheme and periodic brush head deliveries.

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